...and so, as the Apps made a simple phone smarter,in Appylyfe everyone with his peculiar skills can contribute to smarter,multidiscilinary ideas and projects.



Appylife is a happy life and Apps pun. We believe that happiness should be pursued in our life and the work must not be absolutely an expedient, but a strong contribution to reach it. Often in alienating metropolis it is not difficult to see sad faces on a subway or on a bus due to often a frustrating situation. And that is why we seek the right balance between work and play where to combine the rediscovery of the most naive and creative aspects of the child that is in us and the professional maturity over the years.


We are a multidisciplinary team of structural engineers, architects and visual makers.Our very cohesive yet flexible entity is engaged in producing creative solutions that put into practice the customer’s vision. Create empathy, open-mindedness and innovation are applied to various fields such as industry, constructions ,design and communication. We make things happen, with a remarkable key and without compromising the practicality and efficiency
working with our structural engineering experts, you can achieve your vision without compromising on practicality and efficiency.


Appylife has an extensive experience in developing small,medium and large scale projects worldwide from Usa to Asia Pacific, from Middle East to Europe .Engineering and architecture works have been also supported by the visual comunication team when requested by the customer.Appylife has in deep knowledge of different materials such as steel , glass,concrete ,wood ,xlam and masonry.