What most can excite a professional who loves his job is the constant need to learn. The challenges did not stop in academic times but continue to face each day. The APPYLIFE ACADEMY aims to be a meeting point between professionals, companies and even students wishing to go beyond the theoretical aspects and confront those with experts in the field. Engineers and researchers, from APPYLIFE of which some of them have international and also academic experiences, are willing to share their knowledge with the interested public






Appylife Society is the most creative part of the Appylife Company and also our no profit cultural association branch. This part of our company is involved in comunication ,branding projects  and events planning dealing with artists, visual makers and several modern art academies. Inside Appylife Society we also have our academy where we give creative structural engineering students our support .


Official partners of the famous pianist Alberto Pizzo. We take care of the temporary architecture installations and interactive art projects during his concerts sponsored by Yamaha Piano and Sony. Also we manage his comunication and branding campaigns  for some other special events.





Today Faceyourmanga is our largest project we delivered.It is a Social Application where you can create, modify, collect and share your Avatars. It is an avatar generator that allows the user to create his own caricature. It has been used by many start ups or companies for branding campaigns. We count millions users all around the world.


It is a multidisciplianary project and event where artists, architects, designers, engineers and visual makers come togethere to experiment in a virgin territory ,Cilento, South Salerno,Italy.This project has been run initially by Appylife and now supported by the cultural association Officine SammArt. Through CreativeOlive, Officine SammArt acts on its territory trying to highlight besides the natural beauties the spirit of the place, merging it with different experiences and seeking a balance between tradition and modernity that  is believed necessary to human growth, professional and territorial. Acting on a territory it means acting on people living there, involving them in the project  providing new insights for new forms of economies that have to be necessary "green" . Some projects have been also nationally awarded regarding the local urban regeneration thanks to the support of artists and architects. 



Storytelling is a great tool that we can provide in our tool bag. Through a creative process we can give our customers a specific picture of their idea. 



Our team is very skilled in visual making which can adapt to many different type of projects and branding campaign also supported by storytelling and video.